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Woodmont Clubhouse

During the early seventies it became a very critical issue for clubs and organizations to find suitable places for meetings and special events. The Municipal Center had served this purpose for a few years. But, then the City of Temple Terrace sold the Municipal Center to the Florida College, the city promised to put some money aside to be used for a community center. A Federal Grant had provided money to improve the library facilities, the Fire Department and to augment the purchase of the building for City Hall and Police Station on 56th Street. After making these vital improvements to the city, there were no funds left over to build a community center. The clubs continued to struggle to find meeting places.

The “Woodmont Annex”, located on the corner of Woodmont and Lockmoore Avenues across the street from the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club in the heart of the City had been the site of the first one room school house in
Temple Terrace. It was built in 1920's and later enlarged to three classrooms. Beginning in the seventies the Hillsborough County School System deeded the building and surrounding property to the City with the stipulation that it could not be sold and must be used for educational and recreational purposes only. In the meantime, the building had been placed on the registry as a ‘historic building’ by the Hillsborough County Preservation Society. The site was used for Summer Enrichment Programs under the direction of the Parks and Recreation Department. Early in 1979 the City decided it would have to abandon the ‘Woodmont Annex’ facility because it had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer a safe building and was an eye sore in the neighborhood. The City had no money to make proper repairs.

TTWC members spearheaded the drive to raise funds and renovate this facility for use as a community center for clubs and organizations. Three leading women’s clubs in
Temple Terrace rallied; TTWC, the Junior Woman’s Club and the Garden Club to form an organization called the Woodmont Clubhouse Association, Inc. These sponsoring club women agreed to raise funds, renovate the building and maintain and operate the facility as a community center if the City would lease the facilities to the Association. With the help of local professionals who donated their services, members of the Woodmont Association presented the plan to the City Council in December of 1979 for approval and were granted a ten year lease at one dollar per year. Work began in 1980 and in 1990 the lease was renewed for 25 years.

The first Board of the Woodmont Clubhouse Association was composed of three representatives from each Club. The Association was established as a non-profit organization and qualified as a charitable institution by the Internal Revenue Service which enabled donors to make tax-deductible contributions. Club members coordinated the renovation with the City and the contractor who donated services and purchased materials at cost. Changes were made in three stages. The first stage would require $30,000 to renovate the three classrooms into one large reception area and a kitchen. It was agreed that the improvements would be made on a pay-as-you-go plan to avoid indebtedness.

The interior of the building was gutted, new windows, flooring, wiring, central heat and air conditioning installed. TTWC members pitched in throughout the renovation with cleaning, painting, wall papering and fund raising. Fund raising events started in April 1980 with a Thrift Sale, followed by a sale of Pecans, Art Auction and a Raffle. There was a wonderful response to a letter appealing for donations from the citizens. Many suppliers either donated items or sold them to the Association at cost. The outpouring of support from the public ignited so much interest that in five and one-half months, nine months after taking over the property, the old school house as converted into a viable community enter. It was formally dedicated with a ‘Donor’s Dinner’
October 19, 1980. The three sponsoring clubs donated a total of $14,000. The City gave $15,000 and $8,000 was contributed by private citizens for a total of $37,000. No Federal funds were used. Because so many items and services were donated, the renovations and furnishings were valued at $82,700 when Woodmont Clubhouse was opened. The overall value of the center was estimated at $150,000.

Two Federated clubs involved in this undertaking were recognized and awarded
Second Place in the State CIP by the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and The General Federations of Women’s Clubs ranked this fifth in the Nation under Community Service Projects in 1981. Clubs and organizations immediately began reserving this building for meetings. Rental fees were established and volunteers booked the reservations and opened and closed the building for renters. TTWC members assumed this responsibility until January 1982 when the first Manager was hired.  In April 1982 the first of two very successful fund raisers by the Woodmont Clubhouse Association was a ‘Tour of Homes’. As this was a joint effort between TTWC and the Juniors the effort was recognized by FFWC with an award for First Place under ‘Club Interaction Award’.

TTWC uses these facilities for meetings and special events and continues its support from time to time for special improvements such as additional chairs and tables, hard topping the driveway and making major structural changes to enlarge the main meeting room by encompassing the enclosed porch.  The Association has maintained and operated this facility, continually making improvements, for 15 years. Once again our Club has adopted the Woodmont Clubhouse as our Community Improvement Project for further updates and repairs.  



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