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Temple Terrace Library

The first community project was undertaken by TTWC in 1959. This was to establish a library for the citizens of Temple Terrace. The nearest library facilities were ten miles from this small city of around 3,800 inhabitants and book mobile services were not available in the area. Temple Terrace was fortunate to have the services of a City Manager who encouraged the women to start a public library. Subsequent City Managers continued to provide support for the library program.  Under the leadership of the first club president, club members donated and collected books from neighbors and organizations. They enrolled in seminars to be trained for library work and they processed the books. With the help of volunteers from a local Girl Scout troop, members cleaned and renovated a small building provided by the City of Temple Terrace, which was located at Inverness and Glen Arven Avenues on the 10th fairway of the Golf Club. Christmas Bazaars raised funds for seed money for the project and several Mayors took a keen interest in seeing this library develop and have contributed generously to the program.  On January 15, 1960 , less than one year after the TTWC adopted this project, the Temple Terrace Library was officially opened. These club women had accomplished a remarkable community service in the short period of time through their dedication and talents.

 Initially volunteers staffed the library three days a week. Members concentrated on getting the library accredited with the State Libraries and organized the ‘Friends of the Library’ as well as serving on the first Library Board. Other members served on the Hillsborough County Library Advisory Board and the City Library Board.  Because the library grew so rapidly during its first year and more space was needed, the City of Temple Terrace agreed to relocate the library to the Municipal Center on Glen Arven Avenue where the City Hall was located. The library was moved on April 21, 1961. Expansion continued, necessitating the hiring of a professional librarian.  At this point the City agreed to take over the full responsibility for the library. It was officially transferred to the City on February 2, 1962 just two years after the official opening. At the time of the transfer the library had in inventory of 4,000 books.

 On April 17, 1996 the Temple Terrace Library moved into a new building on Bullard Parkway where it is located today. TTWC members served as head librarian and directors for many years.  Today the collection of library items totals over 67,000.  TTWC has continually contributed to the library through the years and has always been a member of the ‘Friends of the Library’. Several club members have served on the Library Board and worked with the ‘Friends of the Library’ on book sales. TTWC has a tradition of donating books to the library as a memorial upon the deaths of club members and/or their close family members.

TTWC has been honored by the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs, the City of Temple Terrace and The Chamber of Commerce for its work on this community service project.

Temple Terrace Library
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