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Riverhills Park 

A Parks and Recreation Department was created by the City in 1962 and TTWC members were appointed on the Department’s first Board. Many ideas for service to the community resulted through activities with this Department. Members also served on a city wide beautification program.  When the City of Temple Terrace started a program called ‘Adopt A Park’ in 1982, it asked various clubs and organizations to sponsor a local park. TTWC undertook the responsibility for the largest park in the City (at that time) - The Riverhills Park.

This Park is located on the Hillsborough River near the Riverhills Elementary School and has hundreds of trees which shade the area. This became the Community Improvement Project of the Club for 1981.  After this adoption many improvements were made. The Parks and Recreation Department recommended that TTWC consider constructing a Gazebo in the Park. A beautiful design was presented and both TTWC and the City approved it. Because of the size of the project, it was funded through a joint effort of the public and TTWC. Contributions from the public were solicited through a letter to the citizens and a newspaper campaign. Materials were furnished by TTWC for around $13,000. At the dedication on October 7, 1984 it was estimated that the Gazebo would have cost $25,000 if several construction companies had not donated their services.  TTWC added a ‘Foot Bridge’ forty feet long (for around $2,500) which opened up the area for more use by the public. Other items were donated such as outdoor cooking facilities, benches, tables and wooden playground equipment. This has resulted in many more family activities in the Park.

In 1986 the Riverwalk began to take shape. The plan was to build a wooden walk at the river’s edge protected with railings. It took almost nine months to obtain the necessary environmental and State permits before construction could begin. A unique method of fund raising was initiated. Individuals could purchase a plank for $50 or a bench for $450 + $60 (engraving) and have names routed on these units. The public responded enthusiastically and TTWC also budgeted money each year from the general fund so that additions would be in 100 foot sections. Eventually the City provided some matching funds. The sections were built as money became available and employees of the City Parks and Recreation Department donated their time routing the names on the planks and benches. It is estimated that over $27,000 has been spent on the Riverwalk during the nine year period. It extends approximately 1100 feet and additional sections will be added as contributions are received from the public. Currently there are over 2100 planks and 37 benches in place. This park has become a focal point for City activities for festivals, Fourth of July events, and a special place for many people who have used it for weddings, memorial services and family reunions.





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