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Fire Department / Emergency Rescue Vehicle

The Temple Terrace Fire Department in the 1970's, was composed of volunteers and a few paid employees. Because of the dedication of the Fire Chief, the Club membership became involved as a support group and started raising funds for emergency equipment needed at the Fire Department. A Blackhawk Extricator, Heart Monitor Half Pack and a Life Raft were donated to the Fire Department. Later, in 1977, TTWC donated another Heart Monitor at a cost of $2,000.  As the City of Temple Terrace expanded, it became very evident that an Emergency Rescue Vehicle was vitally needed. In 1972 TTWC asked the City Council to authorize the purchase of a vehicle that could be equipped for this purpose and to institute a training program on Emergency Medical Services in the Fire Department. TTWC agreed to raise the necessary funds to equip the vehicle.

The Emergency Rescue Vehicle was purchased and equipped in 1976. Over $10,000 has been donated over the years for this program. About the same time that the Emergency Rescue Vehicle was put into service, a Blood Pressure Clinic was established at the Fire Department so that citizens could have their blood pressure taken free of charge by the Firemen. TTWC members handled the clerical work in the morning and evening on the first Wednesday of each month. This program was offered to the public fro 15 years and approximately 200 people participated monthly.

A successful “Boot Drive’ was conducted in July 1977 by the Fire Department and TTWC to raise a total of $5,250 for the purchase of The Hurst Tool (called ‘Jaws of Life’). About 50% was collected from the public and TTWC provided the balance. This tool enables the firemen to cut open crushed cars involved in accidents enabling them to extricate the occupants and it can even be used under water. At the time of purchase it was the only one located in the Northeast section of Hillsborough County. TTWC is supportive of the Fire Department with contributions for equipment and special needs. A contribution was made toward the purchase of a computer operated “Robot Fireplug” called “Pluggy the Fireplug” which was used to instruct school children in fire safety. The effect of TTWC’s support of the Fire Department over the years is best demonstrated by a letter to the editor which appeared in ‘The Temple Terrace Beacon’ (July 26, 1978) from one of the firefighters of the Temple Terrace Fire Department expressing appreciation for contributions made by TTWC.

    “I want to inform you that the Woman’s Club saved a life this morning. Not one of you was at the scene of the rescue, but each of you helped save a man’s life. Our rescue vehicle responded to the call in one minute. Our Flynn valve oxygen unit and other equipment donated by the Woman’s Club made it possible. Each time I pray to the good Lord, I thank him for the support our program receives from your Club”


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