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GFWC Temple Terrace Woman's Club Conservation Department

The Conservation Department really took off in 1987 with several major programs. A  recycling of newspapers and aluminum cans within TTWC was so successful that it led to a City recycling program long before the State of Florida enacted laws requiring the public to recycle. In 1989 TTWC applied for a $6,000 grant in the name of the City of Temple Terrace from the State of Florida's Clean Air Commission. The Commission made the grant but stipulated that matching funds must be obtained. Since the City was unable to match these funds, an appeal to the Hillsborough County EPC provided the additional $6,000 to the City to be used for Recycling Receptacles for every residence in Temple Terrace. This has saved the City money in dumping charges and reduced some need for extra landfills. Today the City boasts proudly that 94% of the community participates in curbside pickup of newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic containers.

This total grant money of $12,00 was also used for seven 800 pound roadside trash containers which was a part of the ‘Keep American Beautiful - Waste in Place’ project. This project involved the cleaning up of public areas and along the banks of the
Hillsborough River. Citizens were recruited to meet on special days to perform this community service. Volunteers came out by the hundreds. Tee shirts purchased with some of the grant money were given to the volunteers. One year while cleaning the public lands around the river, volunteers recovered 98 tons of pipe, cement and other illegally dumped items. This is now an annual event. TTWC won first place and $500 in the 1989 contest sponsored by AWARE (Alerting Women about Resources and Energy) and the Florida Power Corporation for this program.

Hundreds of letters have been written to Congressmen and corporations seeking support for environmental programs.   School children have benefited from programs through instructors, books and speakers concerning conservation and environmental issues. Essay and poster contests were sponsored by TTWC on ‘Save the Manatee and Endangered Species’ and ‘Hazardous Waste from Homes’. An essay contest ‘Living with Chemicals: Benefits vs. Risks’ was introduced in seventeen schools, twenty five entries were received and the Club presented monetary awards. Two ninth-grade teacher's expenses were paid for by TTWC to hold classes in the schools on ‘Living with Chemicals’.  TTWC purchased two CEPUP (Chemical Education for Public Understanding) programs to be placed in two Junior High School science centers and also paid $750 for a certified instructor to conduct a workshop for ninth grade science in
Hillsborough County. The City of Temple Terrace is a certified Wildlife Sanctuary. Birdhouses were constructed at MacDonald’s Training Center and some were made by TTWC members and their families and hung in the local parks. Twelve framed environmental posters were donated to be hung in City Hall.

Earth Day and Arbor Day have been observed with special events. Four thousand pine tree seedlings were distributed to school children to plant. Tree sales were held and some trees were donated to schools for City landscaping. The Solid Waste reduction program was introduced in the schools and to the public through newspaper articles. For this work TTWC took 2nd place and a $300 award from Proctor and Gamble. Space Arc is a program from kindergarten through twelfth grades sponsored by the Rochester Museum of Science Center, NASBA, Ford Aerospace, US International Space Arc and World Space Foundation. This program allowed students to record messages that were launched into the earth’s orbit in 1992. Forty school administrators were provided with information regarding this program by TTWC.

The Global Assembly of Women met in 1991 in Miami , Four hundred women from different countries were invited to attend, including TTWC members. The success story covering the many program promoted to improve the environment was considered so outstanding that it was translated into German and French languages for distribution in those countries.  ‘Offalot’ was an energy conservation program financed from excessive oil monies through the Governor of Florida's Energy Office in Tallahassee. Kits explaining the importance of energy saving ideas in the home were furnished and distributed by TTWC women to schools in Hillsborough County. Time and again TTWC has been recognized for awards for work performed by this department.  The City Council of Temple Terrace recognized TTWC members for ‘Outstanding Service to the Community - in the area of Conservation and Environmental Awareness’. The 1995 J.C. Penny Golden Rule contest awarded $1000 to TTWC members for their contributions to the community and it was designated to be used at the Riverhills Park for community playground equipment.  

Here are some of our current projects:

Riverhills Park and the Riverhills Project: (for more information, see our flyer)

We consistently encourage all members of the community to reclycle. As a club we collect aluminum pop-tops for Shriners Hospital and used printer cartridges for Lewis Elementary and magazines for Florida Hospital.

We have joined with the TT Garden Club in the establishment of a "Bee Friendly" garden.

We helped Riverhills Elementary School establish an Eco-Friendly garden for student participation and education.

Email our Conservation department: mbmanatee@aol.com

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